Getting ready to screw the sheets on.

Blog for the week of Monday the 5th

This week we screwed on the four ply sheets for the two side walls. Since we are doing board and batten for our exterior the ply sheets will run vertically, this is because the join line between the two sheets can simply be covered by a batten where as if they were horizontally arranged the join line would be visible. Before we screwed on the ply we needed to staple on some building paper, this is done to keep moisture out and reduce the sound of wind. The building paper came in a roll approx. 1200mm wide so two horizontally configured rectangles were used with the top one overlapping the bottom one. This was down so any water running down would continue to run do the lower sheet rather than going into the wall. The next step was to screw the sheets on, we simply lined them up to where they needed to be and marked lines of where the frame was, then along these lines every 200mm we put a screw mark. The rattle gun made it very easy to drive the screws in! Or next step is to cut the window holes out of the ply.

the building paper and screwing on the first sheet

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