The window holes after being cut

This week it was time to cut out the window holes. Our very first step was to wrap the building paper around the edges of the frame where the window wills lot into, we used a craft knife to cut the building paper from the back of the wall and then stabled it around the frame. We used a 23mm drill bit to drill a hole in each corner of the frame approx. 5mm from each side, we then used a straight edge to mark lines between each hole to be followed by the jigsaw. After we cut the bulk out with the jigsaw we were left with a 5mm lip of ply sticking proud of the frame so we used a router with a tracer bit to get a perfectly flush finish. we repeated this same process for the other wall. After we finished cutting out the window slots we went on to marking out the ply for the two end walls, because we have a curved roof the ply will need to be cut to follow the same curvature. To mark this out we simply lay the frame and one of the roof beams across the ply, lined them up and traced a line off the beam. Next week we will cut and screw the ply for the too side walls.

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