Hi! My name is Jes Pol Ramirez and I am the designer for St Thomas' Build-Ability group. Our leader, Tom Bell, and the rest of the team will hopefully achieve on designing the school's very own school signboard. What we want for this signboard is to express what the school's main focuses are and what they encompass for the students in the school, such as cultural, sports, and academic. But our sole purpose for this project is that it can help our school grow, it can become a beacon for other boys in the region who are looking for a great school to go to. We want parents, visitors, current and future students to look at this signboard and wonder, "Will this be the right choice?" Or "I'm glad to be at this school," or "I'm happy for my son to be at this school."

Right now we hope to finalize the overall shape and idea of the design and we did this by building a scale model. It turned out beautifully and I especially want to thank the chief builder of the team, Jack Bateman, who has taken up his own time and has done an amazing job. I really cannot wait for what he and the rest of the team can do with the final outcome. As for me, I want to start taking on the cultural aspects from the community of the school and see how they will fit into the design. Another main focus of mine is how the sign will look like more specifically what is going to be put into it like the school name, logo, moto, and the notices and how they will be arranged. I have done this by drawing my ideas and also making some models digitally. I am grateful to be part of this team as it helps me to learn so much and I can put my knowledge and expertise to use to make something great for the school.

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