Cutting out the windows

Monday 26th June

This week we lined the back wall with ply. Our first step was to trace the curvature of the beams onto the ply and then cut the curve with the jigsaw so the roof and wall would line up. We cut 2mm off the line to allow for a perfect finish using a router. After we cut all four sheets for both the front and end wall it was time to screw them on, we did the end wall first and began by stapling down the building paper. We used the same method as the side walls by having the top sheet overlap the bottom. We had to add an additional strip to the top of the frame to allow for the height of the curved beam. Now that the frame was ready to go we put the sheets down, squared it up and screwed them on. After we screwed the sheets on we cut the windows out. We started by drilling holes 5mm out from each corner, we then traced lines from corner to corner to follow with the jigsaw, we were then left ith 5mm over hang that was tidied up using a router with a trace bit.

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