getting it put together

Throughout this week we started putting the play house together started to build the door, .

We started by putting the walls onto the floor and clicking it all together because we set up joins so that the walls could fit earlier. Once they are all connected they were screwed/hammered in. seen below

putting walls together

putting the walls together

Once all the walls were together and was connected to the base we attached the roof. This was hard to do and we needed the whole group to hold it up on top while the others fit it in and screwed it on. Seen below



Putting the roof on was done in 2 parts with the back one getting put up first quickly followed by the front. We had people supporting the roof while all the work was done. Front part of roof getting put on seen below


fitting roof

fitting the front of the roof

We had to make sure that it all fit together properly/slotted in and once it was correct we screwed it.

screwing on the roof

We worked on the dormers and eating them complete by adding the facings.seen below

finishing dormers

We also started work on the gables. To do this we got some play wood and cut it to the size of the gable location seen below


We made it so that we could get 2 out of one sheet. To do this we cut a square to size then corner to corner to get the triangle shape. This worked perfectly and they fit well on each side

Once this was done we worked on the gable ends and cut the timber for the sides, seen below

gable ends

We started to make and mark the door as well seen below.


This door will be a double door and function similar to the old west saloon doors

What we have together

getting things done

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