We nailed it

This is the final post from the team at Feilding high school.

This whole experience has been a wonderful time that we will as a team will never forget. we would gladly recommend this to any new school that are considering this. 

This project has really helped 5 people come together make create a wonderful donation to the community which will help them for many years to come. Though in saying that there has been some small disagreements that has been over come not by arguments and yelling but in a control manner which has helped the team grow as one to completing the goals that has been set for the team. 

This challenge has helped everybody by teaching us how to think outside of the square and come up with the best solution that will benefit all parties that are involved in the creation and/or requirements.

We believe as a team that the impossible is only a limitation of the mind. At the start of our project the team thought that if we make our mustang its going to be a very tough challenge time wise and skill wise but we took it on and can successfully say “We nailed it” because the item of our creation is sitting in the machining bay ready to be moved onto the land of our clients. 

We estimate that our client will be very surprised with the final result because she says that the kids will absolutely love this sandpit. This is because of the storage area that it has and the large sandpit opposed to the smaller sandpit idea we had initially. 

After we have finished our project we have taken the team name “Nothing Is Impossible For Team Possible” 

Happy building everyone.

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