Gonville Kindergarten

Introducing the team.

(Photo will be added this week)

Team members: Bronson, Paddy and Eli

We are Whanganui City College

We have entered the Build-Ability Challenge for the second year in a row now. Last year we built a firetruck. The judges said it was a top contender to win the competition but due to some unfortunate circumstances we did not complete the project on time. 

This year we have come back with a new group of dedicated fellas to redeem ourselves and give back to the community. So far we have a client who we've worked closely with throughout the whole process of designing the playhouse. The kids selected the theme of the playhouse, with the theme selected and designed a model and took it back to the kindergarten, where we and the staff discussed the features that would ensure the safety of the children but 

(To be updated) 

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