Theory.....the class hard at work catching up on some BCats booklets and designing phase 2 (the shop fronts)

Helen's sketch design

Using Helen's sketch (museum liasion) we drew up the wall plans for the studs. noggins, top & bottom plates to include door and windows. We quickly cut and nailed these together.

shop wall frames

To speed things up our teacher allowed us to use a nail gun (Jo)

Nail gun

OK, So just how big should a shop window be?


Helen called in to help us out with deciding on the size of window. (Great to see how pleased she was with what we were doing..very excited)

It was good seeing her and after a few laughs and poses for the camera we did get to decide on the size of door and window openings.

Helen also showed us some early 1916 photos of what the shop should look like form outside.

We may also be able to salvage some period weatherboards and window frames. (our teacher thinks we should make our own....)

This big?

Putting the plan into action, marking the window trimmer

door trimmer

After talking with Helen, the shop fronts will be more of a 'film set' creation than a technical wall. No glass, just use acrylic/polycarbonate and dress up to look like they should. 

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