We have done extremely well this week we have finished putting up the frame we have two boys working on the frame itself. One other publishing our weekly photos and to other boys doing this blog where know finishing putting the roof on the insect hotel and we are near finishing our project. It took about 15 to 20 minutes to do one side so over all it took about 30 to 40 minutes to finish the roof. With another student putting up the support beams at the bottom on each side. As we were carrying the insect hotel we had a bit of a trip we didn't drop it we just had to lay it on the ground and flip it over. Unfortunately as this was the last week of the competition, we were unable to get it 100% complete, but we got very close. We will be able to finish it in our activity classes but not during competition time as it has concluded. As a group we have learnt a lot of new construction skills and had great fun while doing it, the things we have learnt we will be able to implement into our future lives. Due to our time being cut back due to issues with the timetable, we have gone from 5 hours a week to one and a half, which had a major impact on our efficiency.


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