Last week we were unable to post a blog so this week so we decided to briefly summarize what we managed to accomplish last week. We continued with our construction and leveling out the area i  which we are going to place our hotel and filling the holes to the correct depth, as well as that we had one group coming up with designs for the different insect compartments and finished up ready to put in the concrete which we would do the next week when there was more acceptable weather for it. This week our team split up and got into the important jobs such as preparation for the concrete, making the blog post and cutting out more wood members and joints. We had our team spread out so we could work more efficiently and get more done. We also put the bottom frame into the ground and concreted it in place so now by tomorrow we can expect it to be standing strongly in place and ready for the next parts to be added. Next week we are going the complete the hotel frame and get onto the the roof and rafters which will complete the main body construction which means the project should be complete in the coming weeks so watch this space for updates.

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