St Thomas of Canterbury College

First log- Week 1

Hey guys, Tom Bell here project manager. So it's been week 1 for the 2017 Build Ability Challenge and so far we have been choosing our team and moving forward from there. So we introduced the Build Ability Challenge to the students of the college and got a turnout of around 20 boys, so I had to go through and select 4 boys based on their ability to skill and teamwork. After that, we now have our team- Jes Pol Ramirez, Jack Bateman, Jakiah Ineson, Scott Harrison. 

We then had a meeting with the team to then discuss and explore the opportunities we had in the community of our college. We had a large number of creative ideas, but we came to a group decision that there was a lack of promoting the college's image outside of the school. So our idea was to create an entrance board for the front of our school to promote the achievements which are happening inside the college. We then had an informal meeting with the Principal Christine O'Neill and she was keen on the idea. We will be having a meeting in the near future after the project is underway.

Next stage is having our architect Jes Pol Ramirez start the designing stage, starting with the initial designs which he will present to the team in week 2. This will give the team a range of ideas for the project and allow everyone to get a say in the design stage.

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