Our vision

Hey guys, so this week we have been working on a prototype of our project so then we could have something physical to present to the staff. So at the beginning of the week the team and I sat down and made a power point to present to them, which explained the challenge, our team then finally our vision. the vision was a big part to the team as it allowed people to under stand the project and the idea behind it. This what we wrote -

So our vision is to create a story board. One that tells a story, a story of who we are and what we are stand for. Steeped in culture and tradition, strong and sturdy. We would like to tell a story to the onlookers as they pass, of our accomplishments, of our adventures and of the ones that are around the corner.

 We then sent it out to the whole staff via email and then presented the model at the staff meeting on Friday. This allowed us to get feedback from the different areas in the school like sports, also it allowed Jes Pol to get ideas with the design. 

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