almost finished roof

There is no log for week 9 because many of us were away, and there were three days taken up by college events leaving only 1 and half days to work, on those days only one member of our team was there. We also wont put on the iron for the roof on until we completely finish the roof, walls and windows. This means we wont put on the iron at the moment and we have to push this task back. Also we wont be be doing logs or work on the project for the next 2 weeks because it will be the school holidays.

Fit doors . This week we cut out the location for the door. We measured out where it would be located and cut the bottom. We didn't cut it all the way through for the bottom, we cut it half way so that it could still provide strength and it meant when we were going to cut it out fully, the saw wouldn't scratch the concrete/floor when cutting because we would of already cut the bottom. This means we would only be cutting halfway and, when it will be cut it wont hit the ground.

For the windows we collected the measurements to prepare for cutting the window frames. We also finished the dormers and they are now secured onto the roof.

This week we did a lot of preparing for next term as well and organized what we would do when the term starts so we could get stuck into building it. We also worked on finishing touches for the roof, dormers and jambs.

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