Nearly done

Week 16 has been a big week for the Howick build ability participants as we have pushed to finish our projects. This week we have successfully finished the bridge and nearly finished the pergola and due to some good weather we managed to water blast and stain the bridge with a coat of exterior wood stain.


The pergola is also now up and ready to be used as we have also finished building that and we have decided to put a platform underneath the seat on the ground so when your feet dangle off they wont get muddy or wet!



As a request from our client the picture frame is no longer gonna be a picture frame but instead a walk-through entrance. The construction of the entrance way is finished and at the end of this week we dug the holes for the posts to be fitted into and then concreted them. Next week we will be removing the supports and the bottom piece of timber which will then turn it from a picture into a entrance way.


post fittings

all fitted!

The schools director of the grounds Mr Stangham came down to see what has been going on and our progress we have made with our projects and explained some of the building restrictions and regulations in place for us. We were also visited again By members of the environmental committee and head teacher of the committee Mrs Sundrum to come and also see the nearly-finished projects.

Our visitors

environmental committee

Our maori patterns and message that are going to be attached to the entrance way will be attached shortly but only after the local iwi come in and bless it.


maori patterns!

By the end of next week all the projects should be completed but we will need some extra help from other students as a few of us will be away on Tournament week and outdoor education camps.

Watch This Space!

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