Week 14 Visits and progress

This week the Build ability team were visited by the Howick College's very own Environmental committee students and head teacher of the committee Mrs Sundrum who came to see us and have a look at what we had been up to for the last few weeks regarding the projects being built. They asked us questions about the projects and 2 team members Sarah and James informed them on our progress and where they were going to be built. We were also visited by a special guest Cate Jessep who is the Environmental facilitator from the Auckland city Council. To say the least Cate , was really impressed at how our projects were coming along and the quality of the building. 

environmental committee


We have fully stained the swinging seat for the pergola and picture frame and are now building the bench that attaches to the photo frame.As you can see from the photo below we are attaching the legs to the bench and once done the build ability builders will dig holes and concrete the bench and picture frame at its designated location.  We have also Re-marked The timber that goes onto the top of the pergola as last time we made a mistake and had the wrong measurements. We have learnt from our mistakes and fixed up where we went wrong.

Staining of the swinging seat

Bench for picture frame

Bench legs

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