Builders log 5 cover/featured photo

Bridge Project: During this week the Bridge group had worked on cementing in their posts which are the foundations for the rest of the bridge. There were six posts in total and all are H5 treated timber, this means that they are made to last and can resist long periods of time in water/damp conditions. Of the six posts there are two short ones, these ones are used to be supportive for the center joining area, and the remaining four are the end posts which are made to hold the brunt of the force the bridge will put on them.Bridge Posts OuterCementing Posts - Bridge

Pergola Project: During this week the Pergola team were busy sorting out the required timber for the outer Pergola part and finishing their swing seat, along with organizing the chain lengths that will hold it. During the finishing process of the seat they were required to smooth out the entire project piece and so after some long time of hand-sanding they eventually got it done, and then they began to order/sort out the timber required for the outer project piece, the main Pergola frame.Pergola Swing Seat

Photo-Frame Project: Within this week the Photo-Frame team had worked on setting up their timber for the following weeks, creating cover pieces and preparing vertex point of the top of the frame. Among other things people among the class were chosen to do some small jobs related to the upcoming drama event called "Hair Spray" and so this is part of the reason this group wasn't able to get as much done as they would've liked.Overall View of Photo-Frame so farPhoto-Frame Drilling

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