Carl talking to the team.

This week the 3 different groups are all at different stages working towards the construction of each project.

Pergola & Swing seat group:  This week the group has completed the cutting stage of the swing seat project and have now moved on to putting it all together. So far we have finished the seating part and are now busy finishing the backrest that attaches to the seat. The group have also started the designing process for the pergola and have been working out the measurements and also what other additional material that will be needed to finish the project.

Swing seat process

Bridge team : This week the Bridge team has as well completed cutting all the needed materials for their project and have begun putting together the bridge.

Picture Frame: During week 3 this team have measured and cut all their timber to length and have too , started to put together their work. so far they have assembled the outline of the picture frame and are still busy working on finishing it.

Picture frame

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