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Crisis meeting

At this stage on our project we have fallen a long waybehind schedule. We have today had a crisis meeting to establish the best wayto move forward with the project.

Part of the reason we have ended up in this situation isthat we were very slow to complete our individual projects. This lead to delaysin the shed project. Another reason for delays has been our inefficiency and alot of unproductive time. We have also lost two members of the team who haveleft school to get apprenticeships.

While we are approximately six weeks behind our initialschedule we feel that if we make a concerted effort from this point forward wecan complete the project this term. This will also entail working extra timeduring lunch and after school. As a group we believe that this is achievable ifall members of the group produce a concerted effort.

Further to this we have pledged our commitment to theproject to each other. We are embarrassed to be in this situation. Although ithas been of our own doing, we feel we are letting down ourselves.

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