hamiltonboys building suqad

Harnish and the crew have so much fun, working together, they get the job done.

We are wanting to build a garden shed that stands out from the ordinary. In the past years in the year 13 building construction class it has been somewhat a tradition to build a garden shed. We feel that looking back at these previous garden sheds are a little boring and not appealing. They were lacking modern looks so this year we want to change it up by creating something modern, slick and something that looks of this era and appeals to a specific segment of the market. At the same time raising funds for our selected charity from the sale of the shed. 

This week we will be planning and preparing for our project  by studying different sheds gaining knowledge and complete a survey of potential customers needs. This will enable us to find a group we want our shed to appeal to in the market and we can start researching, sketching up and brainstorming different ideas that we will integrate into our planning and designing in the following weeks.

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