Dean and Connor piecing one of the wall frame together

We have been making good progress in the past two weeks now and hBen routering checksave been sticking to our word, giving it our all in attempt toSASH CLAMP UTILIZATION STATION finish our garden shed in time. We have completed all of our wall framing, we checked the nogs into the studs and checked the studs into our plates to keep the framing straight and used many clamps to hold it together. We have used SOH CAH TOA using TOA to calculate the dimensions for our five degree pitch roof which we have so far cut out the rafters and pieced our beam together with two 90x45 for it.  


Dean is unfortunately leaving school to begin a building apprenticeship in Taupo with Richard Stewart thanks to BCITO, however he will start his apprenticeship within roughly three weeks time and is willing to return during the periods of the time he has off to help complete the project. Further misfortune continues as Connor is concussed from a skiing incident and is off for most likely two weeks.   side wall frame plan

 Despite our major improvement in work ethic our teacher Mr Harnish is doubtful that we would finish within the set deadline or finish it at all at the end of the year as we are now down to only four people.We are contemplating getting some of the year 12 students to assist us in the workshop.

* Special mention:

Dean has been a major driver of this project in the past weeks, spending many morning teas and lunchtimes working on the frames. He will make an excellent apprentice and he will be missed in this class. This is a fantastic opportunity for him to join a 'High End Company' in the Taupo region. While I am sad to lose a student like Dean, I wish him  all the best with his move into the industry and his promising future. Regards Jeff Harnish


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