Greetings Everyone!

Today is our final blog and we're stoked with the outcome of it all. It's truly been a memorable experience for all of us in the team and we can proudly admit it's a legacy we've left behind at Lytton High School and the community. On the day we chucked it on the trailer and prep'ed it screwing it in place onsite, we had the kids chanting from a distance "Submarine" and it was a great vibe hearing the excitement from the kids. During the preparation we had four kids attempt to play on the submarine before the unveiling!

To summarize, from start to finish all us in the team definitely took away different things as individuals. We've spent most hours that would be considered "free-time" as hours poured into this project. Weekends, after school, holidays, evenings, lunchtimes, etc. The dedication, perseverance, motivation to keep going, were ethics that contributed to the success of this project. 

I'm sure you'd be sick of this by now but we must empathizes our gratitude to the following: Te Whare Whai Hua, Trevor Jukes, Dulux, Brodie Davis, Gisborne Council, Kelly, Meng Foon, Mr Elliot, Mr Walsh, Mr Mcdonald, Mrs Maitai,  and Mr Henwood. 

Unfortunately due to time constraints not many images will be posted on this blog however feel free to check Lytton High's Facebook Page of Meng Foon unveiling the submarine. Links are below. We've also designed and created a poster that'll be used as an advertisement for the People's Choice. 

Lytton High School Photos

Meng Foon's Live Stream

Brodie's Live Stream

Feature 1

Feature 2

Feature 3

Feature 4

Feature 5

Feature 6

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