This week we have been extremely busy, to the point of exhaustion as shown in the image. As you can see we have built the outside framing for the sides and ends and fitted the floor and positioned the slide ready for the client to view Thursday morning.  Overall, the work completed to date will provide the client with a clear picture of what the completed build will look like.

hard days work

Logan tried the slide out to ensure it was safe for the children to use on their visit.

Having the slide fitted at this early stage allows Grace, our designer, to confirm the opening size required for the slide as well as any safety features that our client requires as we continue with the build.

Today we reviewed our Time Activity Programme Schedule. According to our chart we are on target; but realise the huge amount of work ahead of this in order to complete the build on time. 

time activity programme

Working in a safe manner is essential at all times. Here Leslie the builder is demonstrating safe practice by wearing his PPE. He has clamped the power tool guide bar to provide additional security to guide the skill saw along the cut line.

Sponsorship: We have been very successful, obtaining over $700.00 of sponsorship from local firms. We would like to thank our sponsors for their very generous donation of products allowing the build to succeed.


We look forward to having our client school visit us tomorrow and will keep you informed of the outcome of the visit.


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