This week we have made excellent progress. With open night on Tuesday we worked hard to ensure we presented the project as advanced as possible. We had time to complete the panelling on the third side and apply the second undercoat. On the evening Grace, our designer and painter, completed the top coat.

open evening

Throughout the night we hosted large groups of parents and perspective year 9 students. We commenced our marketing by taking the opportunity to make all our visitors aware of the People’s Choice Award by placing advertising on the project as well in the mentioning it in the welcome speech. The project itself was a big hit, receiving very positive comment.

On the night the boys commenced to cut and fit the window and door trims. All sections of trim will be painted white to bring out thecolour of the walls. This work takes time as no corners are square, and once again the adjustable bevel is our friend. 

We were donated a section of round duct for the chimney. As we want an interactive project we are fitting a backboard on the top of the chimney. The idea being the children can shoot basketball layups; with the ball coming out of a hole on the side near ground level. Keep an eye out on this site to see how this looks once completed.

fitting trim


We were also donated two Jarrah beams. An important attribute of Jarrah is its in-ground durability. These beams will be used as abarrier between the bottom of the playhouse and the bark. These will be recessed into the bark, protruding above the level of the bark 30mm. The playhouse will then be positioned on top once it has been determines the beams are level.

Yesterday we had a visit by Hayden Burmiester, BCITO Skills Broker to join us in the roof shout. As it was a cold and wet day we enjoyed a few pizzas. We were to busy eating to remember to take a photo of the spread; but the empty pizza boxes look good and may come into use some how.

pizza boxesNext week is a big week for us as we have some finishingwork to do one on end before we can disassemble the main sections ready for transport to the site for reassembly next Friday. This gives us a week to complete any final touches.

Our goal is to complete on time, and as our teacher told us, we want to avoid penalty payments due to late completion. As  you can see the crew are very busy at work.


Safety tip of the week -  Maintaining a safe environment: On the opening evening we had numerous parents/caregivers in the room at any one stage. To ensure their safety we ensured all our resources were contained against a wall. This ensured there was not possibility of any one tripping over. You will also note in the first image the corner of the building a yellow rag is tied around the end to provide a warning. Also a cabinet was placed on the ground to ensure no person could walk into the corner accidentally.


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