End of Week 6

After a 2 week break we got back into the build quickly. We commenced the week by having a site meeting. We reviewed the time activity scheduled; determining we are 100% on target, but with no time to waste. Due to the shortage of local builders (just kidding) we have been fortunate to secure the services of Sid from France, Jasper from Germany, and Riko from Singapore; who are all new short term international students to our school. This sort of experience is totally new to them; and one they should remember for a long time.

Sid and RikoSid and Riko engaging with panelling the side. They picked up the marking out and fitting technique very quickly.

Jasper from Germany lending a willing hand attaching the roof sections:

jasperHayden from BCITO visited us on Wednesday morning. He gave us the thumbs up on overall progress and admired the trendy paint scheme and handed us some more builders pencils.

We have finally secured the roof into position, using 100mmx 10mm galvanised screws, connecting the rafters to the top plate on the end frames. This allows us to completely remove the roof for transportation and reassembly. So, bring on the roof shout on Monday.

We completed a site visit to ensure our intended features would not cause any issues. We noted the position of the chimney (which has another purpose, yet to be disclosed) would have not worked as intended. This demonstrates the importance of measuring and checking before committing material at any stage of the project.

Safety tip of the week:When there is an overhang at head level ensure there is something attached to gain awareness, such as a coloured rag. In addition place an object like a saw horse or cone at ground level. This means a person needs to walk around the saw horse, and   naturally miss the corner.

safety tip

Next Tuesday we have the open evening for the perspective Year 9’s for 2017 and their parents. A few members of the team will be working on the project during the evening. We are confident the visitors will be impressed by the colourful playhouse which is getting rave reviews by our peers.

Our intention is the playhouse will be dismantled and reassembled on site the Friday prior to the last week of the competition. We hope the weather will be kind to us as we work outdoors.

The word has got around; we have clients lined up for 2017 should the competition run again.


Logan (pie man) and Brayden (on the corner) are very impressed with their efforts.

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