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Builders Blog End Week 5:

 WOW, THAT IS AWESOME, SO COOL, these are the words spoken by our peers as they walk past or come into the workshop to have a look. As a team we are stoked with progress.

Cladding has taken up a bit of time as the boards are fitted individually due to the angles of the framing. The nail positions have been measured so as to obtain a tidy finish.

claddingSo far we have clad 2 walls with Grace painting behind us. The plan is to have the cladding and painting finished in the first week of term 2. This leaves some time to do the trims around the windows and doors. The image below shows the team in action, making great progress.

team claddingWe were hoping to have the roof fitted, followed by the ‘roof shout’ this week, but painting the roofing iron has time some time. Two coats of primer as well as two coats of colour have been applied on both sides. To achieve this in the limited time available to us we employed some Year 11 students as brushhands; they have done a great job. They are now available for hire should you need assistance as their work for us is done.

brush hands hard at workThe plan is to fix the roofing iron to the roof frame off the job in week 1 of term 3. This means that no scaffolding is required.

We have reviewed our activity planning sheet. Even with some juggling to allow extra time required to paint the roofing iron we are a little ahead of schedule which is great.  This allows us a bit of time to reassemble the project on site should it be raining in the final week.

Mug shots of the week:

Logan (pie man) protecting his shoes in an imaginative fashion. Leslie, what is on his mind? and Braydon, one happy worker.


Safety tip of the week:

When using the jig saw ensure the work is secure:

jig sawing

Hayden from BCITO will be visiting us during week one of term 3. In the meantime our boss has given us a two week holiday.

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