our visitors

This week has been a very busy week, preparing for the clients to visit us on Thursday morning in order to check out progress as well as to give us feedback.

Happy visitors from Longburn Primary School:

happy visitors

These students were totally impressed by what they saw, as was Jo the Principal. Grace took the time to ensure the design concept was as she anticipated; a big thumbs up here as she was impressed.

We also took the time to check if the openings for the door on the side and on to the top of the slide were going to be okay. As anticipated these openings were entirely suitable as demonstrated in the image.

Visitor checking height clearances:

checking clearances

As a result of this visit we were able to continue with the framing with the intention of priming the frame and cladding next week.

The adjustable bevel has come in extremely handy in this project. We have been able to set the bevel on the job as framing has been positioned and use it to set the angle on the drop saw to cut to length. This has resulted in accurate joins in all instances.

Setting the drop saw to the recorded angle:

adjustable bevel

We are really pleased with progress and are enjoying working in the team environment. We share tasks as well as drawing upon each other strengths.

This morning the Media Studies class visited the workshop. One of the students completed an interview with Grace, our designer. Once this has been edited the interview will be posted on this site.

We learnt this week the importance of using bolts rather than nails for fixing load bearing structures as suspended floors. Our teacher told us about the Cave Creek disaster on the West Coast where students lost their lives due to a nailed platform collapsing.  We now realise the importance of bolting our floor into position rather than relying on other types of fixtures for wood.

Corey and Leslie hard at work:

hard at workThe final picture in this blog below shows how advanced the framing is. We are stoked to be at a stage were we are seeing real progress each time we work on the project for 1 hour, 4 times a week.

Framing at the end of week 2:


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