framing almost complete

This week has been extremely busy. Our team leader Brayden Cowie appears to be very happy with progress. Just as a good leader does, he leads by example.

one happy boss

We have finalised the wall frames and as the image shows, working on the roof frame. Building out of square on purpose has proved to be very challenging as individual components need to be marked and cut. As shown in the image we have used nail plates on the exterior. We have inserted jack studs under the window lintel to provide extra support.

We have purposefully sloped the roof in order to provide maximum clearance over the door area. This decision being informed by the visit form our clients last week. This confirmed the importance of modelling prior to committing to building. Had we built the roof parallel as intended then the children would have had the access to the doorway impeded by the overhang of the roof.

framing almost complete

Taine and Corey framing:

 In addition we have commenced marking out the iron for the roof. Once again this has taken time as the sheets are cut on an angle to align to the framing.

cutting roofing iron

Here Braydon Weatherhead is using the angle grinder to cut the roofing iron into the required lengths.

PPE SATETY: wear a full face mask, gloves, ear muffs.


Pitching the rafters is important. Here Leslie and Taine are checking the positions of the rafters in relation to the roofing iron; ensuring the centre of each rafter is located so the Tek roofing screws are positioned on the ridge and not the gully of each sheet.

Overall we are in a pretty good position. Next week we will be priming the frames before commencing to fit the weatherboards after they have been primed as well. The goal is to have the exterior cladding completed by the holiday break.

Our teacher told us about the roof shout. This as we found out is a tradition where the builders are shouted when the roof is on. Perhaps we will be limited to chocolate cake or pizza. Anyway, there will be a celebration next week as the roof is fitted by the team of experts.

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