We are there:  With 10 minutes to go we had all the sections stacked up outside ready for the truck to come. It has been all been about team work, allocating jobs and working hard together to achieve deadlines and having shared lunches.

shared lunch

This week we have been extremely busy painting and fitting the window and door trims as well as the barge boards. In addition we have made a set of steps to allow access to the slide on the inside as well as a ladder and fitted the chimney.

The interior decorators have been busy painting the inside of the playhouse as well as some touch ups.

We spent the morning finishing off the jobs. This afternoon we dismantled the playhouse in order to get in out of the workshop and ready for transporting out to the school where it will be reassembled on site tomorrow.

Fitting window trims has been quite a demanding task as all trims have different angles at both ends. We would be lost without the adjustable bevel. We set the bevel according to the interior angle and set the drop saw to suit. To assist in being accurate we focus on one end at a time.

window trimming


flat pack


Safety – Working at height:

We continue to think about safety as a top priority. Programme Maintenance, Palmerston North, lent us some scaffolding in order to position the barge boards as well as the roof cap section safely.


Electrical Safety:

This afternoon we assembled and checked the gear required onsite in the morning. We are aware of the dangers of using electrical equipment in the outdoors. As the site is quite a distance from any building and as there are young children around we will be using battery powered equipment. This equipment is charged and ready to go.

With one week to go we are in a strong position. We have been keeping an eye on the long range forecast for Friday; which at this stage is likely to be fine; so we won't get rained off. Our goal is to have the playhouse reassembled by 3.00pm. This leaves us some time to complete any minor tasks next week.

To date our time activity chart has proved to be very valuable. We realised quite early on that painting takes considerable time. We were able to react to this by bringing on board international students Riko and Sid as brush hands. Thanks, your commitment and willingness to paint has been appreciated.


On site safety:

We are eager to get on site tomorrow and get the job done. We will begin the day by getting a briefing by our client schools Principal. She will brief us on emergency safety procedures in the schools as well as informing us how they will assist us in keeping children clear of the site (behind the roped off area).

As we are so far advanced we have been able to relax; here are some mug shots of some of the team.

glamour boys

tainemug shot

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