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With the closing date coming up on us at fast the team has promised to our selves and each other that we would spend nights at our school just to get our project done for our client. 

The dedication that our team holds for the project is out standing because there is work still to be done on the sandpit which we will be using the final two days finishing. the team has compiled a list of jobs left that need to be finished and are striking the jobs off at a very rapid rate. our team believes that we can get the project done with minutes to spare. how ever the sand pit we have made is environment proof using treated timbers and other various treatments like galvanising on nails and bolts, we have decided not to put on a sealing coat onto the project so that we can go and speak to our client about a finish that would best suit them. 

Because we and to find a finish that is non toxic because there is a possibility that the children might get a piece of treated timber in their mouths which is bad enough but if there is a toxic coating then it would make it even worse. so we are holding back just to ensure that we have picked the the right finish. 

This will of course happen after the competition is over because we believe that the finishing of the project is the second most important part of the whole project which takes time and dedication.

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